CHESICC Delegation participated in the AACRAO's 99th Annual Meeting
From: CHSI

AACRAO 99th Annual Meeting was held in April 14-17, San Francisco. There were experts of more than 2,400 high schools and related institutions from 36 countries taking part in this annual meeting. China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center (CHESICC) was invited. The list of staff going for this visit includes: ManKaijie(Director of verification Department of CHESICC) and ChengWeixing (Director of imformation Department of CHESICC).

CHESICC took participate in panel of "Student Data Portability and the Groningen Declaration". ChengWeixing, Director of information Department of CHESICC introduced the situation of China higher education's informatization and digitization, he pointed:

China has developed a robust system for verifying ,student qualifications and records. In China, two important educational milestones are ualifications and degrees. The qualification system began in 1950, while the degree system started in 1981. Qualifications are documented in individuals’ personal archives and are directly related to employment and compensation. In 2012, around 10.9 million students received qualifications and one-third that number got degrees. One of the responsibilities of the China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center (CHESICC) is verification of qualifications. This institution, which reports to the Chinese Ministry of Education, maintains a database with application information, national college entrance examination scores, enrollment records, qualification data, and job information. CHESICC’s database contains approximately 720 million records. CHESICC is the only organization authorized by China’s Ministry of Education to provide verification reports of qualification. This service is used for work verification, student loans, credit cards, job applications, overseas study, and the Chinese Service Center for Scholar Exchange.

In addition to student qualification, verifications also available for:
1. Study record and scores at higher education institutions.
2. Qualification of high school and scores in National College Entrance Examination(NCEE).

CHESICC offers three types of verification services.
1. Online verification. The China Higher Education Student Information website is the only resource for online verification. Study record and qualification verification can be provided in several different forms: personal review, individual verification, member verification, batch verification, web service, or XML.
2. Electronic verification reports. These pdf reports are available in Chinese and English. The barcode in verification reports can be pasted into resumes.
3. Paper verification reports. Paper reports contain anticounterfeiting features. In addition, they can verify qualifications which may not be in the database.

CHESICC’s information service has dramatically improved China’s education credibility system. In 2012, over 70 million data were verified and nearly 3 million e-verification reports were run. Demand for e-verification reports increased by 50% in 2012, while requests for paper verification reports were stable. Over the last 10 years, the percentage of fake or unrecognized qualifications has decreased dramatically. Looking ahead, education background reports will be launched this year which integrate qualification information into one report.

This meeting contributes to strengthen the acquaintance of our country’s higher education data management for international associates. Meanwhile, the meeting will be of vital significance to study advanced experience and method from international students’ information management and improve China students' ability on information management as well as high quality service.