56,000 Qualification Certificates Verified Last Year
From: China News

Institutes under Ministry of Education of China have verified over 56,000 Higher-education Qualification Certificates in 2012, in which fake certificates were 3%.

From what the reporter see in China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center (abbreviated as CHESICC in the following), there were hundreds of falsified certificates, with fake seals, stamps, and principal signatures, piled all over the desk. Therefore, a state-recognized authoritative verification platform is necessary to exit.

(Reporters shooting at fake certificates)

As the only MOE-designated qualification enquiry website, CHSI website under CHESICC provides lifelong free enquiry services for students relying on national universities students’ information resources. To meet the needs of overseas study, professional titles evaluation, employment, job promotion, admission test, etc. the center provides qualification verification services for the society, in ways of online verification, message enquires, etc. for students, institutes, and employing units.

Zhang Fengyou, the director of CHESICC, says that the center has a set of completed qualification verification system and 38 service agencies across the country and the world, including Australia, South Korea, etc. As an indispensable constituent part of College Qualification Registration and Management service, CHESICC has effectively suppressed and cracked down fake certificates and indiscriminate issuing, decreased falsified certificates dramatically. When first start to verify qualification certificates in 2002, there were less than 10,000 certificates verified, in which fake certificates were 28%; and in 2012, there were 56,000 qualification certificates verified, in which fake certificate were down to 3%.

According to reports, CHESICC started to conduct HEQC electronic registration service in 2001. At present, there are amount to 770 million person-times in the student information database of CHESICC, and over 100 million person-times of various registration information records each year. CHESICC has the largest human resources database in China, which provides effective guarantee for online enquiry, standardized admissions, fake qualification cracking down, emergency handling, and decision support.