How Qualification Registration Conducted
From: CHSI

In China higher education qualification certificate (including Zhuanke, undergraduate, master, and doctoral levels) registration, there is a whole-process dynamic management, beginning with admission records, going with freshmen student record registration, then with in-school student annual registration, and finally leading to qualification registration, in which each step should be based on the prior one.

This dynamic management is conducted in CHSI database maintained by CHESICC. Before a qualification certificate is conferred, all information of the student should be in accordance with the registered records, for which falsified qualifications would never pass CHESICC’s qualification verification.

The registration of higher education qualification certificates are then co-conducted by Ministry of Education, provincial education administrations, and education institutions.

First, universities and other education institutions are responsible for issuing and conferring qualification certificates. After students who meet all admission requirements of the government are awarded qualifications in graduation, the institutions will report relevant qualification registration information to their local provincial education administrations.

Second, provincial education administrations will review and then register those qualifications, then collate and submit to the Ministry of Education for the record.

Third, Ministry of Education will review and file the registered qualifications into the certificate archives of CHESICC (CHSI database), for public online verification.