Digitalization of China Higher Education Student Information
From: CHSI

Digitalization of China higher education student information started in the early 1990s. With the rapid popularization of PC, universities developed student information management software, but only for off-line system. In the late 90s, with the development of internet, networking of applied system became a trend. E.g. MOE made an experimental online college admission test in Tianjin in 1999, and then expanded to nationwide.

The MOE issued Temporary Provisions on Electronic Registration of Higher Education Qualification Certificate in 2001, which required all higher education qualification certificates be electronically registered; unregistered qualifications would not be recognized.

In 2005, the MOE issued the 21st Order, and introduced Provisions on Regular Higher Education Student Management. On Term 36, it regulated that universities should execute higher education qualification certificate e-registration management system, which formally established the qualification e-registration system.

In 2007, the MOE implemented freshman student record e-registration, and in 2008 implemented annual e-registration.

Through the efforts of more than ten years, and entrusted by the MOE, Higher Education Student Information and Career Center (CHESICC) gradually set up a student information database, which contains admissions, student record and qualification management and employment information. Based on its large-scale database and CHSI website, it built up a number of e-government and social service platforms, providing a series of information consulting services for education administrations, higher institutions, students and the society.

Founded in 1991, as an institution directly under MOE, CHESICC is responsible for higher education admissions, student record and qualification management and employment consulting.

CHESICC is the only MOE-authorized institution for higher education qualification verification. The CHSI website is the only MOE-designated website for higher education qualification online verification.